Criminal Justice / Police Science

Criminal Justice/Police Science (CIP 43.0107) - Overview

This is an instructional program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills that relate to performing entry level duties as a patrolman, corrections officer, juvenile officer, security officer or probation officer. The course stresses patrol and related duties such as traffic and crowd control, the American legal system, techniques used in the police laboratory and training in emergency and disaster situations. 

Also stressed is physical development with a strong emphasis on self-defense and the building of self-confidence. Investigatory techniques covered are interviewing and evidence gathering, report writing, a study of juvenile law and procedure, the techniques of crime prevention, and the criminal process from arrest through conviction. Procedural matters affecting law enforcement such as arrest, search and seizure, and legal principles developed in information lessons are utilized in supervised simulated situations. ENROLL NOW!

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Phone: (570) 278-9229 Ext. 6757