Cosmetology TEACHER

Cosmetology Teacher - Overview

The Cosmetology Teacher Program is designed to prepare the licensed Cosmetologist for Commonwealth Teacher licensing. The required amount of hours helps the potential instructor obtain that knowledge necessary to train student hairdressers and stylists for a career in the Cosmetology industry. Students will learn how to prepare, organize, and present course content.

Prerequisite: Cosmetology License

This program is 600 hours in total with class scheduled Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 2:30pm. This program requires specific tasks to be completed within the 600 hours to receive the certificate of completion. The student, upon completion of 600 hours is eligible to take the Pennsylvania State Cosmetology Teacher Licensing Exam.

Instructor Contact Info: -
(570) 278-9229 Ext. 6650 Phone: (570) 278-9229 Ext. 6717
(570) 278-9229 Ext. 6423