Accounting Program

Accounting Program (CIP 52.0302)

The Accounting Program is designed to provide technical administrative support to professional accountants and other financial management personnel. Students learn to use generally accepted accounting principles in manual and computerized formats to complete the steps of the accounting cycle for various forms of business ownership; verify and enter details of transactions from source documents into journals; post transactions to accounts; summarize details of separate ledgers by transferring data to general ledgers; balance records and compile various financial statements and reports; prepare withholding, social security, and other tax reports; compute, type, and mail monthly statements to customers; complete records through the prior balance; and operate calculators, computers, and spreadsheet and accounting application software. Students also receive instruction in business ethics, business law, economics, office procedures and public relations. Students are provided experiences and instruction needed to satisfy initial employment requirements for accounting, computing and data capturing occupations and/or prepare them to further their education in a business related field or the post-secondary/college environment

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Accounting Program students take a QuickBooks class and are prepared for the QuickBooks Certified User examination. As part of their course, they are provided with practice exams and are provided with vouchers allowing them to take the certification exam.